Fake utility workers

Some police departments within the surrounding counties are getting reports of men and women representing themselves as utility workers. These fake utility workers will usually work in pairs and claim they are from one of the various utility companies, such as gas, water, phone or cable. They are attempting to enter your home with false premises to check your service. Please do not let them in! Call the police immediately at either 908-322-7100 or 911. Please inform your elderly neighbors, family members and friends about this information.

Important Reminders

1. If someone comes to your door claiming to be from a local utility company and you are not expecting them, do not let them inside. Call the utility company or the police department to help verify the person(s) identity.

2. All utility company employees should have their company identification on them. They wear uniforms or clothing bearing the utility’s company logo. Do not hesitate or be afraid to ask for utility’s company photo identification.